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About Us
Rakhi was opened in 2009 at the heart of the Seaton Burn oldest pub (Six Mill Bridge Inn) with 30 years of experience.We have an established reputation of serving authentic and high quality food. Our primary focus is on healthy eating which is achieved through careful ingredient selection and special cooking methods.
Rakhi Restaurant seeks to redefine the common Indian dining experience and elevate the cuisine to a status not usually enjoyed and achieved by other curry houses. Diners at Rakhi can enjoy culinary tastes of exquisite cuisine from The North-West Frontier Provinces of India at its best and something other curry houses cannot match and provide. The menu comprises of Indian food as it should be, with robust aromas, glowing colours, heavenly flavours and the evocative taste of exotic masalas. Diners at Rakhi canenjoy an amalgam of exciting freshly ground spices specially blended uniquely for each individual dish by its devoted chefs.
Rakhi will accommodate the popular palette with its own interpretationas well as providing dishes for the culinary purist.
Why not try us on our promises, telephone us and we will make your visit etched in your mind.

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